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Matcha Tea - The Ideal Drink For Busy People

Matcha Tea - The Ideal Drink For Busy People

Matcha tea is the ideal drink for those with a busy lifestyle due to its incomparable health benefits as well as being a delicious addition to any day.


No matter what you are working hard to achieve in life, making a cup of matcha also offers a moment for pause and contemplation. Invigorate your senses and take a moment for yourself with a cup of Saihōji matcha green tea.





Matcha powder contains roughly the same amount of caffeine as coffee but its effect on the body is completely different. When drinking matcha, you consume the entire green tea leaf. As matcha is digested, the caffeine molecules bind to more stable molecules found in the tea, like catechins. This process slows the breakdown of the caffeine in the bloodstream and counteracts the negative side effects of caffeine often associated with coffee: no jitters and no crash. Instead, matcha provides a natural energy boost and promotes a state of relaxed alertness.





In the modern world, to be busy if often synonymous with being ‘tired’, ‘stressed’ and ‘distracted’. By pausing the day and enjoying a cup of matcha tea, you allow your mind to focus on the task at hand and be present in the moment. Matcha gives you a chance to organize your thoughts and take time for yourself which is why matcha is used by Buddhist monks to help with meditation.





When living life on the go, it is difficult to find the time to be healthy. Matcha is possibly the most accommodating and versatile of all health foods because it comes in powdered form. It is extremely easy to incorporate matcha into your diet. Drink the finest ceremonial grades of matcha with hot water to appreciate the matcha’s delicate flavor notes. Mix it with cold water for a refreshing cold brew. Or add the lower grades of matcha to smoothies, desserts and even cocktails to reap the benefits of the tea throughout the day.





Matcha provides much needed hydration and revitalizes the body with water unlike any other. By maintaining fluid balance, matcha helps to keep you hydrated all day long. 





Matcha is a relaxing drink to enjoy thanks to the soothing L-Theanine that it contains. This amino acid, found in abundance in matcha, creates calming alpha waves in your brain which help you to relax.


By incorporating matcha into your day, you can make a positive change in your life. Browse our range of matcha here and see what a difference it can make.

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