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Green Virgin

Green Virgin

A superb vegan detox smoothie that’s bursting with vitamins and healthy nutrients. The Green Virgin has a rich, smooth vegetal flavour with a hint of sweetness from the apple and makes a deliciously healthy breakfast treat.



    • ½ tsp Saihōji matcha
    • 50ml apple juice 
    • 35g of kale (a large handful)  
    • 15g of rocket 
    • 5g of flat leaf parsley (a big pinch)  
    • 2 large stalks of celery 
    • ½ medium green apple 
    • juice of ½ lemon

What you’ll need


    • a sieve
    • a small bowl, jug or creamer 
    • a bamboo matcha whisk or handheld electric milk frother 
    • a tall glass



    1. Sieve the matcha into a small bowl (if using a bamboo matcha whisk) or into a jug or creamer (if using a handheld electric milk frother), add the apple juice and whisk to combine.
    2. Put the greens (kale, rocket, parsley), apple, celery and lemon juice in a blender, pour over the matcha mix and blitz until smooth.
    3. Garnish with celery, apple slices and parsley.

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