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Matcha Affogato

Matcha Affogato

Velvety-smooth vanilla ice cream drowned in thick matcha tea – the result is spectacular. Simple to make and deliciously satisfying, the Matcha Affogato is a perfect pick-me-up after a large meal.



    • ½ tsp Saihōji matcha 
    • 50ml hot water 
    • 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

What you’ll need


    • a sieve
    • a small bowl, jug or creamer
    • a bamboo matcha whisk or handheld electric milk frother
    • a cocktail shaker
    • a short glass



    1. Boil the kettle and leave to cool for a couple of minutes while you prepare the matcha powder.
    2. Sieve the matcha into a small bowl (if using a bamboo matcha whisk) or into a jug or creamer (if using a handheld electric milk frother).
    3. Add 25ml of hot water and whisk until you have a smooth tea mixture.
    4. Add another 25ml of hot water and whisk to combine.
    5. Scoop vanilla ice cream into a glass then pour over the matcha.

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