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Our Story

About Saihōji

Saihōji is a sanctuary for the most exclusive matcha in Japan.


We collaborate with family-owned farms and artisanal producers to source rare, specialty matcha of the highest quality.


With creamy textures, enticing aromas and complex flavors, our matchas captivate the senses while calming the mind and promoting an overall feeling of contentment.


We believe that every cup of matcha should be a pleasure to make. By sourcing our beautiful porcelain cups and matcha utensils from craftspeople who are passionate about the quality of their products, we ensure you always have the best tools to hand.


Inspired by the tranquility of the Moss Temple in Kyoto, Saihōji seeks to capture the sense of calm and quiet indulgence that comes from enjoying matcha of unparalleled quality.


Paradise is a cup away.



Our Matcha

We create extraordinary blends and source distinctive single-batches that showcase the flavor complexities and textural qualities of the very best matcha.


By blending different green tea varieties, we create matchas with unique and enticing flavor profiles.


Occasionally we discover a harvest of a single variety of green tea with a flavor profile so perfectly balanced that no blending is required. When this occurs, we applaud nature's finest work by offering the matcha as a single-batch.


Our two signature blends, Hagi Paradise and Tsutsui Paradise, and our signature single-batch, Raku Paradise, pay homage to the skilled farmers who nurtured the tea plants and celebrate the unique terroir in which they were grown.


We named our matchas after the Raku, Hagi and Tsutsui cups that are traditionally used to drink matcha during the tea ceremony. The form of the Raku, Hagi and Tsutsui cups are reflected in the roofs of the temples that adorn our tea canisters.




Terroir is the set of environmental factors that affect a tea's character, including the soil, the climate, the elevation at which the tea is grown and the presence or absence of mountains and bodies of water.


Our matcha is sourced in Uji and Nishio, in the heart of Japan, each of which is renowned for producing some of the finest and most flavorsome Japanese matcha.


The terroir in Uji is unique and produces some of the best matcha in the world. Uji's mountains and rivers ensure the soil is nutrient-rich and help to produce fog and mist which envelop the tea plants and protect them from frost. When coupled with the mild climate and sharp changes in temperature at night, the conditions are perfect for growing exceptional green tea.


Nishio also has ideal terroir for matcha. Similar to Uji, its climate is mild, its soils are fertile and its position is elevated. All of which help to produce enticing flavors in the matcha.


Not all tea grown in Uji or Nishio is equal though, just as not all wine produced in Bordeaux or Napa is the same. We maintain the quality of our matcha by sourcing our tea leaves from farmers and producers who take the utmost care to nurture the tea plants. At the beginning of May each year, the youngest and most tender leaves from the first spring harvest are picked by hand, gently steamed, dried and then ground by granite stone mills into an ultra-fine powder. We have worked hard to develop strong and trusting relationships with our farmers to ensure our matcha is of the highest quality.



Our Inspiration

Saihōji is inspired by the serenity and ethereal beauty of the Moss Temple (Koke-Dera) in Kyoto.


The temple was constructed to honor Amitābha, the primary buddha of the Western Paradise (Saihō Jōdo), and is renowned for its enchanting moss garden.


According to Buddhist theology, the Western Paradise is a symbol for the world of enlightenment, a beautiful utopia full of wonderful pleasure.


We aim to reflect the spirit and soul of the Moss Temple in each of our matchas. By sourcing unique single-batches and blending only the finest green tea varieties to our unique specifications, we uncover the delicate flavors of the tea for an epicurean experience like no other.


Welcome to Paradise.