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Hagi Paradise Specialty Matcha


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Flavor notes:  cream, almond
Feels:  smooth, refreshing
Cultivar:  Samidori, Gokou and Asahi

Hagi Paradise has a wonderful natural sweetness and full-bodied flavor profile.

The umami is pronounced and yields a nutty flavor that lingers on the palate long after the last mouthful.

With a buttery smooth finish, this is an extraordinary Japanese matcha without any bitterness that can be enjoyed as usucha ("thin" matcha) or koicha ("thick" matcha).

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Hagi Paradise Specialty Matcha




Hagi Paradise combines Samidori, Gokou and Asahi green tea cultivars from Uji in the Kyoto Prefecture and Nishio in the Aichi Prefecture.

Each of these cultivars is specifically designed for growing in the shade and has a light, natural sweetness.

Samidori gives the blend its depth and when combined with Asahi produces a luscious, creamy texture. The high quality of the green tea leaves used in the blend also gives the tea its delicious umami flavor.

Hagi Paradise is sourced from gardens in Uji and Nishio, each of which is renowned for producing some of the finest and most flavorsome Japanese matcha tea.

Matcha is made by growing the tea plants in the shade for the last 3-4 weeks before the leaves are picked. This process increases the natural chlorophyll content in each leaf, which is rich in amino acids and other nutrients and gives the highest-quality matcha its beautiful, electric-green color.

Here you can see some of the gardens from which we source our Hagi Paradise blend which still use bamboo and straw canopies to shade the tea plants from the sun.

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