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Raku Paradise Specialty Matcha


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Flavour notes:  roasted hazelnuts, green pea
Feels:  balanced, comforting
Cultivar:  Okumidori

Raku Paradise has a beautifully mellow and savoury flavour.

Hints of roasted hazelnuts add softness and combine with underlying elements of green pea and asparagus to create a well-rounded and comforting flavour that you will want to return to throughout the day.

Jade-green in the cup, this is a magnificent organic Japanese matcha that shows Okumidori at its finest.

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Raku Paradise Specialty Matcha




Raku Paradise is made from 100% Okumidori and comes from a single tea garden in Uji.

Single-estate, single-cultivar matcha teas like Raku Paradise are a rarity as most matcha is made by blending different cultivars from various tea gardens.

Okumidori is one of the more recent cultivars to be grown in Japan and is selected for the richness of its flavour.

Only 3% of the green tea plants grown in the whole of Japan are of the Okumidori cultivar and an even smaller percentage of these are organic.

Harvested in spring from the first flush, Raku Paradise is from an organic garden in Uji where all of the plants are of the Okumidori cultivar.

Organic ceremonial-grade matcha is much harder to produce than non-organic ceremonial-grade matcha.

Organic fertilisers have often lacked the potency of non-organic fertilisers. The tea plants that are grown to make matcha are shaded in the last few weeks before the leaves are picked in order to increase the concentration of the amino acids in the leaves which give matcha its distinctive flavour. During this time, the tea plants need fertilisers to replenish the nutrients they are unable to produce while shaded from the sun. Without these nutrients, the plants are unable to produce enough amino acids in the leaves and organic matcha can therefore taste more bitter compared to non-organic matcha tea.

However, a small number of farmers (like the farmers who make our Raku Paradise matcha) are now developing improved organic fertilisers and utilising new technologies and organic pest control methods to produce organic ceremonial-grade matcha that rivals the best non-organic ceremonial-grade matcha.

Organic Japanese matcha doesn’t get much better than Raku Paradise.

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