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Raku Paradise Speciality Matcha | 20g



Our Raku Paradise single batch matcha tea has a beautifully mellow and savory flavor. Hints of roasted hazelnuts add softness and combine with underlying elements of green pea and asparagus to create a well-rounded and comforting flavor that you will want to return to throughout the day. Jade-green in the cup, this is a magnificent matcha that shows Okumidori at its finest.

A single batch tea is one in which the tea leaves come from a particular crop, origin and harvest. Raku Paradise is from an organic garden in Uji where all of the plants are of the Okumidori variety and was picked by hand during the first flush of the spring harvest. Okumidori is one of the smoothest of the Japanese green tea varieties and produces some of the very best matcha. Nonetheless, it is rare to find a single batch that has a flavor profile so perfectly balanced that no blending is required.

Raku Paradise is truly one of a kind.

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