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Traditional Artisanal Chawan


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Our larger porcelain chawan (matcha cup) is specially designed to work with a traditional chasen (bamboo whisk). The larger size of the cup allows the matcha to be whisked with the warm water until it produces a lovely, foamy crema. Perfect for those who like to drink their matcha powder with more water in the usucha (thin) style.

Inspired by the design of the traditional Raku tea bowl, an age-old centerpiece of the Japanese tea ceremony, our chawan is an ideal choice for your perfectly brewed cup of matcha tea. The smooth, soft surface of the porcelain retains the warmth of the tea while flaunting its contemporary design.

Traditional Artisanal Chawan



Colors and Patterns



Our chawan are made by Alissa + Nienke in their studio in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and are the latest addition to their "Pigments & Porcelain" series.

Pigments & Porcelain is an ongoing research project into mixing colored pigments with liquid porcelain. By adding different colors as the porcelain is poured into the molds, Alissa + Nienke are able to create smooth and distinctive patterns in their porcelain. This particular technique reflects not only their unique way to working with colors, but also the movement created by the production process itself.
The larger chawan comes in white with a blue marble effect.

Each cup is handmade and each color pattern is unique. The pattern on the cup might be vivid or subtle, smooth or undefined.

Please note that the color pattern of the cup that you receive may be different from the pattern of the cup that is pictured.
The cups are glazed on the inside and unglazed on the outside.

The cups are dishwasher safe due to the high-temperature at which the porcelain is fired and should maintain their color as the blue pigmentation is inside the clay itself (not just in the glazing).
Diameter: 13cm (5.25")
Height: 6cm (2.5")

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