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Tsutsui Paradise Speciality Matcha | 20g



Rich, voluptuous and beautifully balanced, our Tsutsui Paradise blend is truly exceptional. The umami is intense with hints of shiitake and praline. Malty aromas combine with notes of cacao, sweet pea and baby green vegetables to create a deep and complex flavor profile. With its creamy texture, velvety mouthfeel and long finish, this is a matcha to be savored for an epicurean experience like no other.

A blended tea is one in which various batches of tea have been mixed together in certain proportions to produce a particular flavor profile. Tsutsui Paradise is a blend of the highest quality Samidori and Gokou green tea varieties from Uji in the Kyoto Prefecture. The blend has been crafted to give prominence to the umami and the distinctive aromas while ensuring the texture remains smooth and inviting. Selected from the very best gardens in Uji, Tsutsui Paradise is a beautiful expression of its terroir and demonstrates why Uji is considered by many to be the leading producer of world-class matcha.

Tsutsui Paradise is matcha perfection.

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