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White Chashaku | Matcha Scoop




A chashaku (matcha scoop) is designed to measure the correct amount of matcha. The bamboo tea scoop’s elegant shape is specially designed to hold the matcha powder and transfer it to a chakoshi (matcha sieve). It can then be used to ease the matcha gently through the sieve and into a chawan (matcha cup) ready for use. We believe the scoop accomplishes the task far better than a teaspoon and is therefore an essential utensil for the preparation of ceremonial grade matcha.

The chashaku is appreciated for its graceful look and function. This particular chashaku is made of white bamboo. The bamboo is dried in rice fields in winter after the rice has been harvested and becomes white after about a month due its exposure to the cold wind and UV rays from the sun.

Most matcha scoops on the market are mass-produced in China. Our scoops are handmade in Nara, Japan in the workshop of master craftsman Sabun Kubo whose family have been making matcha utensils for 24 generations. Sabun Kubo was recognized as a traditional master craftsman by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan in 1987 and he has won awards and been commended for his work since. Sabun Kubo is a member of a small collective of artisans in Nara who still make chasen, chashaku and other bamboo tea utensils by hand using traditional techniques.
The scoop should be wiped with a cloth or rinsed with water after it has been used to remove any excess matcha.
Do not use soap.
Length: 19cm (7.5")

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